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Exploring Creativity

Unlocking the Potential of Local Design Talent at OKHA’s Convergence of Creativity Exhibition

In the heart of Cape Town, a city celebrated for its vibrant creative community, OKHA’s latest exhibition, Convergence of Creativity, emerges as a beacon of innovation and craftsmanship. Coinciding with the annual Cape Town Furniture Week, this exhibition, running until the 29th of February 2024, is a curated celebration of the extraordinary talent burgeoning within Cape Town’s design studios.

A Melting Pot of Creativity and Craftsmanship

OKHA’s exhibition is more than just a showcase; it’s a statement of the design studio’s dedication to illuminating the craft, creativity, and innovation propelling Cape Town’s design scene onto the global stage. Featuring a diverse lineup of acclaimed artists and designers such as Jan Ernst, Willowlamp, WaterDixon, Vitalli, and Zander Blom, the exhibition is a testament to the unique perspectives and talents of local creatives influencing interiors worldwide.

Adam Court and Jan Ernst, captured in a candid moment, are surrounded by their art pieces in a studio setting. Adam leans back on a stool, embodying confidence and creativity, while Jan, seated on a wooden bench, gazes thoughtfully ahead. The background is adorned with a variety of sculptures, illustrating the rich tapestry of talent at OKHA's Cape Town Exhibition, where design and artistry converge.
Creative Minds at Work: Adam Court (L) and Jan Ernst (R) in Their Element

The collaboration between OKHA and multidisciplinary artist Jan Ernst stands out as a highlight. Their joint work, “Synergistic Harmony,” epitomizes the fusion of divergent design aesthetics, inspired by the artistry of Constantin Brancusi. This collaboration seeks to explore and express the emotive vibrations arising from the interplay of form and function, creating a dialogue that captivates and prompts reflection on the connections between art, environment, and the transformative forces shaping our existence.

Sculpting the Future of Design

At the core of the exhibition are the sculptural OKHA plinths, “CUT FORMS,” and Jan Ernst’s ceramic sculptures, “ANIMISM.” These pieces embody the exploration of spatial relationships, tension, and the transformative forces at play, presenting a dialogue between the brutal and the organic, the geometric and the abstract.

Two abstract sculptures are perched atop angular black plinths, one terracotta-colored with a smooth, curvaceous form and a hollow center, and the other resembling a rough, stone-like texture in neutral hues. These pieces exemplify the fusion of organic and geometric aesthetics, reflecting the innovative design narrative of OKHA's Cape Town Exhibition, set against a backdrop of subtle pink curtains.
CUT FORMS by OKHA and ANIMISM by Jan Ernst
The Synergistic Harmony Collection

A Commitment to Local Talent

Adam Court, OKHA’s Creative Director, emphasizes the studio’s commitment to supporting and celebrating the exceptional local talent that is shaping the future of design in Cape Town and beyond. This exhibition not only showcases the depth and diversity of talent within the city’s design community but also serves as an inspiration for the continued growth and recognition of South African design on the international stage.

At OKHA, we are committed to supporting and celebrating the exceptional local talent and craftsmanship that is shaping the future of design in our city and beyond

Adam Court, OKHA Creative Director.

OKHA’s exhibition is a compelling convergence of creativity, offering a unique showcase of works by esteemed local artists and designers. It represents a fusion of divergent design aesthetics and epitomizes the studio’s dedication to the craft, innovation, and the vibrant talent pool that Cape Town has to offer.