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Tamlin Blake presents “After the Fire”

A Testament to Resilience through Art

In the heart of Cape Town, nestled within the iconic Cape Heritage Hotel, the Sisonke Gallery unveils a poignant reflection on resilience and memory through the eyes of mixed media artist Tamlin Blake. Her latest exhibition, titled “After the Fire,” runs from 7 March to 28 April 2024, marking a significant moment in both her career and the lives of those touched by the events it commemorates.

In 2020, a devastating blaze swept through a residence in the Winelands, claiming not only the structure but also a beloved collection of artworks. Among these were pieces by artists who Blake not only admired but considered friends. The aftermath revealed little but the charred remains of what had once been treasured possessions. Yet, it was among these remnants, specifically dozens of old fine China pieces, that Blake found the inspiration for “After the Fire.”

The exhibition is more than a display of reconstructed beauty from destruction; it’s an exploration of belonging, memory, and the ephemeral nature of the material world. Each piece, created from the salvaged shards of China, serves as a physical representation of the memories and history they once embodied. Through her work, Blake prompts viewers to ponder the permanence of physical objects against the backdrop of their own lives and histories.

“After the Fire” is not only a testament to Blake’s ingenuity and resilience as an artist but also to the human capacity to find beauty and meaning in the aftermath of loss. It’s a reminder of the importance of cherishing the moment and the impermanence of our material connections.

The exhibition invites art enthusiasts, historians, and the general public alike to reflect on the integral role that art and craftsmanship play in our understanding of history and identity. With themes that resonate on a deeply personal level, Blake’s work encourages a contemplation of what truly makes a place feel like home.

As “After the Fire” showcases, it’s the thoughtfulness imbued in objects by their creators that lends them significance. This exhibition is not just an opportunity to view unique pieces of art; it’s an invitation to engage with the profound stories they tell.

  • The 'Fire Vase 3' by Tamlin Blake in her 'After the Fire' exhibition, crafted from fractured china plates, representing a resilient beauty and the theme of reflecting history through art at Cape Heritage Hotel.
  • Mixed media piece 'Mirror Mirror' from Tamlin Blake's 'After the Fire' exhibition, composed of blue and white ceramic shards, inviting viewers to reflect on the craftsmanship in art and its enduring narrative."
  • A piece from Tamlin Blake's art show, 'Shard Bubble 2', featuring an intricate mosaic of china plate pieces, symbolizing the theme of art and resilience at the 'After the Fire' exhibition, Sisonke Gallery.

For those eager to immerse themselves in Tamlin Blake’s reflective journey, the Sisonke Gallery awaits. This thought-provoking exhibition promises to leave a lasting impression, underscoring the power of art to narrate our shared histories and individual experiences of belonging and loss.

Don’t miss the chance to experience this remarkable exhibition and the compelling dialogue it fosters about resilience, memory, and the transient beauty of existence.

Diary Details:

  • Opening event: 7 March 2024, 16h00
  • Exhibition Dates: 7 March to 28 April 2024
  • Opening Hours: 09h00–17h00 daily
  • Venue: Sisonke Gallery, Cape Heritage Hotel, 90 Bree Street, Cape Town City Centre

For more information, please visit the Cape Heritage Hotel’s website.