1 Hotel Haitang Bay: Eco-conscious Lifestyle

Eco-conscious Lifestyle in Hainan, China

Sanya’s 1 Hotel Haitang Bay sits in a prime location on Hainan Island’s shoreline in China, and is designed as a celebration of nature and sustainability, it is also the first Chinese resort from the US-based luxury brand – 1 Hotels.

Company Director and project leader, Dr. Lin Hao explained: “Our inspiration for the 1 Hotel Haitang Bay project is deeply rooted in the vision of the 1 Hotels brand, which aspires to be a relaxed, comfortable, natural and open environment for travelers, by crafting a more tangible and imaginative sustainability that celebrates the DNA of 1 Hotels.”

…the 1 Hotel Haitang Bay project is deeply rooted in the vision of the 1 Hotels brand, which aspires to be a relaxed, comfortable, natural and open environment for travelers

Dr. Lin Hao, Company Director and project leader


Paying homage to the tropical flora and fauna of Sanya’s forests, and the crystal-clear waters of the ocean, Singapore-based design studio Farm managed the interior design.

Nina Arily, senior designer at Farm: “We were taken by Sanya’s raw nature of fertile volcanic plains, green forested hills, sandy beaches and sparkling waters. We wanted the interiors to capture the textures, diversity and spirit of the island.”

“It has been a pleasure to work with FARM and to see them bring the nature-inspired 1 Hotel aesthetic to life through sustainable design,” says Arash Azarbarzin, CEO of SH Hotels & Resorts.


Encapsulating the biodiversity of the area’s local species and natural surroundings, verdant landscaped gardens sprawl across the grounds and building exterior. A lush Mangrove Tree Courtyard offers a tranquil retreat, while Living Green Walls planted with local vegetation, such as Ficus Pumila and ferns, flourish across staggered roof terraces and semi-open courtyards. Additionally, the off-site farm showcases Hainan’s colourful, seasonal produce.

Capturing the beauty of nature inside and out, the overall impact of the resort’s design is a gorgeous retreat that revolves around Mother Nature and builds upon the area’s rich resources.


1 Hotel Haitang Bay, Sanya boasts 294, suites and villas, ranging from 62 square-meters to 1,300 square-meters. Bringing a slice of island life inside, the contemporary guest rooms feature unpolished and locally sourced volcanic basalt stone and wood throughout and an abundance of natural furnishings: stools made of tree stumps, live-edge timber desks, rattan rugs, bespoke artworks made from sun-bleached driftwood, and organic cotton upholstery.

Focusing on a mission-driven luxury lifestyle, 1 Hotel Haitang Bay, Sanya is carefully designed to minimize its footprint by utilizing the natural elements. Alongside using reclaimed and locally sourced materials, the hotel features a solar water heating system, grey water is harvested for back-of-house use and landscape irrigation, and rainwater is collected and stored for reuse. Skylights and clerestory windows allow daylight to be used over artificial light wherever possible. To keep areas cool, vertical landscaping and trellising provide shade and natural ventilation systems take advantage of the sea breeze in key areas such as the guest corridors and lift lobbies.