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OBJEKT South Africa | Free Digital Magazine

OBJEKT South Africa is now available as a digital magazine. Catch up on past issues of South Africa’s premier lifestyle magazine online and for free.

OBJEKT South Africa
Issue 41, Spring 2023

As we embrace the vibrant spirit of spring, it is with great pleasure that we bring you the Spring issue of OBJEKT South Africa. This season, our pages come alive with stories of creativity, craftsmanship, and innovation that captivate the senses and inspire the soul. As you embark on this visual and intellectual journey through the Spring issue, we invite you to immerse yourself in the stories and aesthetics that define the world of design, art, and culture.

OBJEKT South Africa
Issue 40, Winter 2023

This issue of OBJEKT©South Africa celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Riva Aquarama, along with the 80th anniversary exhibition Charles and Ray Eames, and their architectural odyssey. It explores the intersection of innovation and functionality, including the Mirai house in Rajasthan, the Toronto Pied a Terre, Aamir Khandwala’s Manhattan duplex, Sisan Hupao’s Hangzhou villa, and Theo Willemse’s captivating sculptures. The magazine aims to ignite imagination and provide inspiration for sophisticated lifestyles.

OBJEKT South Africa
Issue 39, Autumn 202

Issue 39 includes a feature on Studio Job’s solo exhibition, “Forever Endeavour,” as well as an article on the groundbreaking exhibition “Role Play” at Milan’s Osservatorio, Fondazione Prada. Other articles explore 9 Millbank, a stunning building in Westminster, a penthouse apartment in Nolita designed by Lenny Kravitz and Ash NYC, and a preview of Paris Maison&Objet 2022. The team hopes the issue inspires and informs readers about the best in local and international design, architecture, and lifestyle.

OBJEKT South Africa | Issue 38, Summer 2023

OBJEKT South Africa
Issue 37, Spring 2022

In our Spring issue we enter the colourful world of the celebrated artist, Alessandro Mendini, and enjoy high-end local luxury at Mood Collectives – a lifestyle showroom showcasing immaculate furniture. Voco, The Bank, is a new mixed-use development in Rosebank and allows us to experience and reimagine a city lifestyle. We explore an ambitiously alluring fashion exhibition in Israel entitled, “The Ball.”. We also take you through two sumptuous properties in this issue. and delve into the craftsmanship behind the latest Mercedes Benz EQ range.

OBJEKT South Africa | Issue 36, Winter 2022

OBJEKT South Africa
Issue 35, Autumn 2022

As we move into Autumn we can look forward to the exhibition of colour and texture that the season brings with it. Until then, we have scoured the globe to bring you the best in art, architecture, interiors and luxury living. We start by taking a look at the impact German artist Walter Spiers had on the Golden age of Balinese art, emerging Greek artist Kostas Lambridis’ first solo show, at Carpenters Workshop Gallery in Paris and local photographer, Tarryn Goldman, is breathing beauty through her camera lens with her latest project. We also pay tribute to two creative giants and delve into unique architectural works that have been designed to highlight the enviable collections they contain.

OVJEKT South Africa, Autumn 2022, Issue 35 free digital magazine
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OBJEKT South Africa
Issue 34, Summer 2022

Featuring the 2021 Absa L’Atelier winners and their work, basking in that “new ambassador glow” in this issue. We also take a deep dive into The Cliff House on the Garden Route, Sergio Chinelli Architect’s most recent project. Internationally, we are off on a summer whirlwind, from the exhibition of architect Aldo Rossi’s iconic work in Italy and the glorious Charlotte Perriand in Paris to the rustic luxury of Mezcal at Casa Colorada in Mexico. We top it off with songs and cigarettes, admiring the newly renovated Monkey Island Estate. A force de jour of vivid content is waiting in our summer issue!

OVJEKT South Africa, Summer 2022, Issue 34 free digital magazine
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OBJEKT South Africa
Issue 33, Spring 2021

Spring is in the air, and with it comes all the beauty that nature has to offer. In celebration of Spring, we have put together an issue highlighting the influences of nature on the world of design.

We explore EDIT Napoli, an innovative design fair started in 2019 by Domitilla Dardi and Emilia Petruccelli to support, promote and celebrate a new generation of designers, and Rene Dekker is the king of colour, bringing vibrant, vivid textures and colours from the outdoors into the homes of his clients around the world. We also look at a stunning home in Lake Geneva designed by local architectural designers, Saota, before heading across the globe to see the tropical-inspired “Havana’ Spring Collection, from Melbourne based fashion house OnceWas.

OBJEKT South Africa, Spring 2021, Issue 33 free digital magazine
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