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Absa is ‘Here for the Ready’ for Africa’s Youth

Leading from the Front

The Absa Group is set to launch a TV advert for their new ‘Here for the Ready’ campaign. ‘Here for the Ready’ was created to launch Absa’s ReadytoWork mobile app. The advert demonstrates the spirit of the initiative in its production methods. Filmed entirely in Johannesburg, the selection of venues appears pan-African, and the crew opted for less equipment and more affordable tools than usual. The world-class result proves that talented and determined youngsters can gain a foothold in the creative economy if they are willing to push through the barriers to entry.

Adverts produced for banks typically talk about aiming for a bright, shiny future and paint a picture of the ideal paint brushed end goal, but they don’t address the now. It’s no good talking about one day, or ifs and maybes. Everything should be geared towards acting now, finding creative, innovative solutions, and opening up opportunities now, and that’s the message we want to land with this campaign.

The production process further embraced the ‘Ready to’ ethos by creating the space to mentor a young photographer on set. She gained important skills and access to networking opportunities to boost her fledgeling career. Her images are destined for the social media and outdoor components of the campaign.

Creative director Kyle Schoeman of Grid Worldwide hopes the advert inspires young people and sparks curiosity about how Absa can help them realise their own dreams and ambitions.

Time to Foster the Economic Gift of Youth

Whenever the working population, that is 15- to 64-year-olds, outnumbers those unable to work, a boost in economic productivity, referred to as a demographic dividend, is expected.

The World Economic Forum estimates that if Africa can provide its youth with skills and jobs, it can increase its GDP by one-third for up to 30 years. Sub-Saharan Africa currently finds itself at a tipping point; the skills and potential of its youth need honing and guidance for Africa to make the most of this economic gift.

Enabling Africa’s youth to overcome the challenges of poor education and limited opportunities could drive growth. Investing in them creates assets able to contribute to their communities. This is only possible if they are given access to the resources they need.

“They don’t need brands who are all talk. They need an ally to support them.” Says Jenny Moore, head of brand and design at the Absa Group.  “With the ‘Here for the Ready’ campaign we are calling out to those who are ready to learn, work, grow, change, rise and participate. It is time for brands to stop talking and start doing to create a world where we can all flourish.”

According to Moore, “The campaign is saying we are more than a bank. We want to play a shaping role in helping Africa achieve its possibility. Absa is saying if you are ready, then we are here to work with you to get things done; things that will bring your possibility to life.”

Creativity and Innovation – Tools for the Future

Moore believes that the first step to alleviating poverty and closing the economic gap is to include more people in our economy. Absa’s ReadyToWork app aims to do just that. The app aims to teach youth important life skills that will help them enter the workforce or foster entrepreneurship.

Moore explains, “The ReadyToWork app brings the much sought-after softer skills into the mix that young people don’t get taught at school, empowering them to get ready for the workplace. If we can change the trajectory of their lives, that makes the whole programme worthwhile.”

Absa has taken the initiative further than the app, the campaign also sees them supporting enterprises around environmental sustainability, financial education, leadership development, skills training, and gender equality. 

“The great thing is that you don’t even have to be an Absa customer to engage with the opportunities, because if you’re ready, Absa wants to help you,” says Kyle Schoeman. “This campaign recognises that the youth are ready and determined and just need a little help.”

We’re saying, ‘what can we do now to help you bring your possibility to life?’ We are looking at the journey and investing in solutions that will help you overcome the obstacles along the way.

Look out for Absa’s TV advert and keep an eye on their social media to follow the banking giant’s efforts to uplift our youth.

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