African Fashion Spaces, a new era of fashion

African Fashion Spaces redefines the runway and channels a unique fashion experience from the norm with their fashion exhibition

The African Fashion Spaces Exhibition made a splash in the fashion industry last week, with its innovative approach to traditional runway shows. Instead of the typical runway, the exhibition was held in a unique and unexpected environment, providing an immersive and dynamic experience for all attendees.

The event took place on Thursday, 27th April at Beachwood Gardens in Hyde Park and featured some of South Africa’s top fashion creatives and models. The aim was to showcase the richness and diversity of African fashion and heritage within the culture. The serene setting conceptually brought out the essence of each designer, showcasing each brand in its own curated runway stage setting and matching the brand’s aesthetics with appropriate creatives.

Social media influencer, Shamiso Mosaka, hosted the event, leading the audience through a two-part show that was nothing short of spectacular. The two brands featured in the evening were ‘Long Season’ and ‘OffMankind’, who both presented their garments impeccably, displaying creative and conceptual excellence.

LongSeason kicked off the show on the venue’s tennis court with a breathtaking display. Their modern and sleek black matt runway was lit up with bright orange beams, creating an electrifying atmosphere. The brand is dedicated to family, experimental construction and comfort, and guests were eager to see what they had in store.

OffMankind followed with their garden walkway exhibition. Their collection blended urban streetwear with traditional African elements, creating a bold and unique fashion statement. The brand represents the rebellious, non-conformist spirit of South Africa’s inner-city kids and their collection reflected their philosophy of embracing individuality and breaking away from the norm.

The African Fashion Spaces exhibition, also known as AFS, was not just a fashion show, but an exhibition documenting the movement of African creativity and talent. The event provided a platform for emerging designers to showcase their work and connect with industry leaders. It was a night of networking, inspiration and celebration.

Commenting on the event, Jay Kayembe, the creative director, said, “We wanted to create an experience that was more than just a fashion show, an exhibition platform that would empower the greater creator economy. We want to showcase African fashion in a unique and dynamic approach within South Africa & going into the broader countries within Africa all of 2023. By taking the show off the traditional runway and into unique and unexpected spaces, we were able to create a one-of-a-kind experience that truly highlighted the creativity and diversity of fashion creatives that is inclusive of all subculture genres, that have a talent & passion within fashion.”

“Overall, the African Fashion Spaces exhibition experience was a resounding success, garnering praise from attendees and media alike it is no wonder a global tech brand like DJI – who are world leaders in camera technology and drones have partnered with African Fashion Spaces (AFS) in sharing the vision on empowering the creator economy across genres with the brand ethos ‘Unlocking Creativity and Adventure” affirmed Ben Siyotula, Core Group Marketing Manager.