Colourful Curaçao in the heart of the Dutch capital

In the center of the Dutch city of Amsterdam, the apartment was designed by Debby Dunand for Lot1038, an interior specialist based on the Caribbean island of Curaçao, which was founded by Ruud Zegwaart. She wanted to create a 70m2 apartment with a colourful, Caribbean flavour and the allure of a chic Parisian feeling.

The apartment is situated in a former distribution centre for the South Holland Brewery from the Hague. Until the mid-twentieth century, this was one of the most renowned breweries in the Netherlands, it even received the Royal designation of Beer Supplier to the Crown.

At the beginning of this century, it was developed into an apartment complex. When Ruud Zegwaart and Debby Dunand bought their apartment in 2016, they could start from scratch by making everything they had imagined a reality.

They wanted to create a little bit of Curaçao in the Dutch capital and so they stripped down the apartment completely. Their idea was to realize a loft-like whole in the limited space that they had.

Debby had been trained as a visual artist. Ruud had made his name by setting up his design studio, Lot1038, on the island.

The most important element would be the steel-framed windows, with a circle in the centre, designed by Debby. These frames divide the space according to functionality.

On the front side, the window was given a U-form cut-away, creating a loggia, which immediately gave the space an extra dimension. The largest room was used for living, kitchen, and dining space. Space was made for the bedroom in the extension, while on the hall-side a relatively large bathroom, with bath and shower, was built.

Colourful furniture, laden with old architectural elements, now gave the whole character. While the large number of windows provided transparency.

Founded in 2006 on the Caribbean island of Curaçao, design specialist LOT1038 has introduced modern design furniture to this side of the world. They have worked on numerous high-end projects on various Caribbean Islands, both private and commercial.

In 2018 they opened a large, open showroom-annex studio and began preparations for opening a bigger one. It is the playground of founder Ruud Zegwaart who, together with his team, has developed a distinctive style for this Caribbean region.

Debby provides the styling within this and has her own yoga studio on the island. The company is the exclusive distributor of many leading European design brands: from furniture to lighting, and accessories to tiles. In Lot’s vision, living in the Caribbean is carefree and comfortable, indoors, but most especially, outdoors.