Bentley for Men Intense

A Luxurious Fragrance Journey

Bentley for Men Intense: A Sensual and Opulent Fragrance for the Modern Gentleman

Introducing Bentley for Men Intense: a fragrance crafted to captivate the senses with its opulent charm and alluring essence. Perfumer Nathalie Lorson has masterfully created a heightened rendition, tailored for the daring and refined gentlemen who embrace both luxury and sensuality. This aromatic masterpiece unveils Bentley for Men’s well-guarded secret: an infusion of “more leather, more spices, more patchouli…”

Lorson’s artistry extends further by infusing the fragrance with the richness of incense, enhancing its depth, and introducing African geranium as a gracefully aromatic companion to this opulent symphony. At its core, the smooth embrace of labdanum resin elegantly complements the leather notes, creating an intense amber resonance. The foundation is anchored by an accentuated woody dimension, highlighted by the presence of sandalwood.

Bentley For Men Intense stands as an eau de parfum with a 15 percent perfume concentration, promising a remarkable endurance that indulges in a truly enduring, intensely bold fragrance encounter.

Intriguingly, Bentley’s fragrances derive their enchanting allure primarily from the distinct leather notes. Is Bentley poised to usher in a revival of this timeless fragrance direction? According to Nathalie Lorson, the answer is a resounding “yes.” She believes that leather-based perfumes are experiencing a renaissance, thanks to innovative technologies that offer captivating olfactory experiences. This modern manifestation of sensuality and elegance serves as a contemporary alternative to animal-derived notes, which are no longer employed due to both legal restrictions and antiquated associations.

Leather notes exude an elegant fusion of depth and mystery. This characteristic makes them an ideal match for a prestigious brand like Bentley Fragrances, where sophistication meets audacity.

Bentley for Men Intense, with unique copper packaging

Unveiling Exceptional Understated Design

The distinct design ethos that characterizes British luxury saloon cars finds its artistic resonance in the enchanting bottles of Bentley for Men and Bentley for Men Intense. The fluid lines and graceful contours of a Bentley vehicle are ingeniously translated into the rounded form of the perfume flask, resulting in an ergonomic masterpiece that rests comfortably in the palm of your hand.

A diamond-shaped polished metal adornment crowns the bottle, reflecting the exquisite craftsmanship that defines Bentley’s legacy. Commandingly gracing the bottle’s shoulder and the front face of the packaging is the iconic Bentley signet, the “Flying B,” a symbol of opulence and precision.

The packaging of Bentley for Men eau de toilette boasts an elegant matte silver finish, while Bentley For Men Intense eau de parfum indulges in a sumptuous copper hue, impeccably harmonizing with the fragrance’s essence. The entire visual narrative was meticulously curated by the esteemed Parisian design agency Aesthete, under the visionary direction of renowned designer Thierry de Baschmakoff, in close partnership with Bentley Motors’ design team.

Bentley for Men Intense is more than a fragrance – it is a sensory voyage into opulence, sensuality, and innovation. Through the masterful artistry of Nathalie Lorson and the collaboration of creative minds, it stands as a testament to Bentley’s unwavering commitment to crafting experiences that embody the essence of luxury and elegance.

Indulge in the allure of Bentley for Men Intense – Experience luxury at its finest and acquire this captivating fragrance today