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Casa VG: An Intimate and Serene Sculptural Place in San Luis Potosí, México

The Story Behind Casa VG: Finding the Perfect Lot and Crafting a Serene Sculptural Space

Garduño Arquitectos was tasked by their clients to find a location for their exciting project, Casa VG, which led them to a gated community in San Luis Potosí, México. The challenge was finding a big enough lot to accommodate their needs, and after careful consideration and collaboration with the clients, they found two lots with a south-facing view and a natural stream of water running towards them.

Architect Juan Garduño and his team approached the project by tracing a line that ran parallel to the stream, and upon entering the property, visitors are greeted with a stunning fountain that eventually converts back into a stream and integrates with the river. The entrance walkway alongside the newly created stream, a quiet garden, and a surprising double-height transparent area that merges the house with the adjacent view create a sense of intimacy.

To further accentuate the serene sculptural space, the team worked with Spanish conceptual artist Rosa Brun to create installations consisting of two colored towers and a frame on the principal wall. The entire house is built with adobe-colored concrete, while walnut wood was used for all the carpentry and granite for the floors.

The large living room facing west is designed to keep the view uninterrupted, while rotating screens with a perforated lattice pattern create shade in the afternoon. The dining room sidewall features a work of art by Patrick Pettersson, and the family areas on the ground floor are lined with recovered wood for a warmer, cozier environment.

The private area now consists of four bedrooms, three of which are situated in the east wing of the house adjoining a private garden. The fourth bedroom, located on the top floor of the west wing, is reserved for guests.

In conclusion, Casa VG is a stunning project that reflects the collaboration between Garduño Arquitectos and their clients to create a serene sculptural space in San Luis Potosí, México.

Photos: Gloria Medina | Gloria Medina Photography