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Chinese Art Auction: Rare Ceramics & Carvings | Strauss & Co


Strauss & Co, South Africa’s premier auction house, is proud to present an exclusive online offering that comprises Chinese decorative art masterpieces, originating from the esteemed private collection of a European connoisseur. The digital doors open on Friday, 3 November at 08:00 and the opportunity to secure these treasures will conclude on Wednesday, 15 November starting from 14:00.

The collector’s journey of acquisition began in 1949, a narrative that unfolds across continents and cultures. A seasoned traveller and a commodity broker by profession, he laid foundations from Port Elizabeth to global metropolises like Madrid, Rome, London, and finally Cape Town. His profound connection to art and culture is mirrored in his eclectic assembly of Chinese and European artefacts, a collection accumulated with fervour and keen insight. In 1979, upon his return to Cape Town, he crafted a residence reflecting his affinity for art and design, embodying his life’s passion.

The auction unfolds in two distinctive parts, each highlighting exceptional specimens of their kind. The inaugural session pays homage to Chinese ceramics, featuring an assortment that includes the esteemed celadon, the revered ‘blanc de chine’, and the coveted blue and white porcelains. The latter session illuminates the artistry of hardstone carving, presenting a selection of jade, along with rock crystal, amethyst, quartz, and enamel works — each articulating the sophistication of their craft.

A centrepiece of the auction, Lot 4, is a Tang Dynasty pottery horse — a remarkable relic of the time, celebrated for its artistic merit and scarcity. Similarly, Lots 5 and 6, two celadon bowls carved with meticulous skill, stand as testaments to the Song Dynasty’s legacy of craftsmanship, dating back to the late 12th and early 13th centuries.

This online auction is a not-to-be-missed event for avid collectors, art aficionados, and those with an eye for historical grandeur and artistic value. The auction commenced on 3rd November, welcoming international participation in this homage to Chinese decorative arts.

Discover the collection and register to bid at www.straussart.co.za

To explore the e-catalogue, please click here.