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Cosentino Design Challenge 2023: Revolutionising Architecture and Design

Cosentino Unveils 18th Edition of the Prestigious Cosentino Design Challenge

In the heart of Madrid, Cosentino City showcased the grand unveiling of the 18th iteration of the Cosentino Design Challenge. This international event, revered in the realms of architecture and design, invites students globally to present forward-thinking, sustainable designs, reflecting the transformative power of creativity and innovation.

This year’s Design category, themed ‘Cosentino and Water’, calls for ground-breaking concepts addressing contemporary and future water challenges – from sustainable management and conservation to addressing scarcity. The Architecture category, under ‘Cosentino and Eternity’, encourages exploration of architecture’s role in immortalising memories, particularly in the context of parting and remembrance. Participants in both categories are encouraged to incorporate Cosentino’s innovative surface materials: Silestone®, Dekton®, and Sensa by Cosentino®.

  • A visual concept from the Cosentino Design Challenge portraying a series of abstract, geometric structures suspended above a deep forested canyon, with the phrase 'Where Nature Meets Structure' prominently displayed. The design merges the raw beauty of nature with the sleek innovation of modern architecture. Consentino Design Challenge
  • An architectural design concept showcasing a camouflaged cube-like structure with reflective surfaces, set against a dusky mountainous backdrop, indicating a blend of technology and the environment, synonymous with the Cosentino ethos. Consentino Design Challenge
  • An artistic representation of an architectural space carved from white marble, suggesting a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor environments. The design embodies the fluidity and elegance of natural materials shaped into modern design. Consentino Design Challenge
  • A conceptual design from Cosentino that showcases an exhibition space combining the delicate beauty of flowers with the enduring elegance of stone, reflecting the ephemerality of nature in a permanent design context. Consentino Design Challenge
  • A minimalist exhibit design titled 'DUNE', inspired by natural desert landscapes, featuring layered textured surfaces that mimic undulating sand dunes, reflecting Cosentino's commitment to innovative and sustainable design in every curve. Consentino Design Challenge

The Cosentino Design Challenge, an embodiment of the company’s dedication to nurturing emerging talent, aligns with Cosentino’s ethos of social responsibility. It offers a unique platform for students to engage with pioneering materials from an industry leader. Last year’s edition saw engagement from over 40 educational institutions worldwide, with a total of 402 projects – 127 in Architecture and 265 in Design.

Entries for the 18th edition of the Cosentino Design Challenge are open from 1 October 2023 until 1 June 2024. Each category will award three top prizes of €1000 each, alongside runners-up and special mentions.