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Grand & Johnson

Their studio and showroom is located in a former Amsterdam monumental tram depot, a beautiful old and industrial building called ‘De Hallen’. This was converted some years ago been into a lively center for media, culture, fashion, design, hospitality and crafts. Here, is also where Grand & Johnson house their design studio founded by Bertel Grote and Jeroom Jansen, both of whom share a passion for interior, art and design from different points of departure. Where Jeroom has an eye for the creative process, Bertel watches over the planning and budget.

The co-founders: “The design of Grand & Johnson comes from the interplay of everything and everyone who gives substance to life. Where all the details come together and form a unity. A design with a story is a small world in itself. We are constantly looking for balance in contours, shapes, light, colors and materials.”

“A person wants to wonder. Grand & Johnson pays homage to wonder. An ode to what gives color to life. Chasing the unexpected by changing the perspective and coloring outside the lines. Crating a world where you see things that you have not seen before.”

In ‘De Hallen’ they have combined their showroom and design studio and have created a space as an invitation for creative interpretation. It is also the place where they pay attention to young talent, birds of paradise who design and make products with heart and soul. This is a place for them to work and create, so come in and let yourself be included in our story.

ABOUT Grand & Johnson

With their extensive interior experience, Jeroom Jansen and Bertel Grote decided to set up design studio Grand & Johnson in October 2010. The strength of Grand & Johnson lies in designing and realizing a total concept. The architectural firm designs for private and commercial clients in the Netherlands, but also abroad. Grand & Johnson applies the principle of delivering quality and an excellent service orientation. It enables the company to achieve a powerful end result.


Jeroom Jansen and Bertel Grote work on their projects on a daily basis in the Grand & Johnson Store. The interior design company not only realizes special interiors, it also creates and produces interior objects. The products that are timeless as well as being original and daring. With this store, Grand & Johnson propagates its ideas that believe that interior design must be unique and unique. It must be a product that has been carefully designed and realized. The accessories are made from only high quality materials. Grand & Johnson specializes in devising and creating customized solutions that meet the wishes of the client. A number of items can be seen in the store. Every visit is a unique experience in which contemporary interior design is constantly supplemented with special accessories.

Photography © Hans Fonk