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FERRETTI YACHTS 1000 exterior

Ferretti Yachts 1000

Sailing into Unexplored Waters

Majestic and versatile, spacious and spatial are the superlatives that Ferretti Yachts claims for her model 1000 flagship. It is the largest boat ever built by the brand.

Launched in 2021 and the product of a design process inspired by the search for perfection, the new flagship is an impressive project, formed through talent, technology, the ability to innovate, and craftsmanship, it is an anthem to ‘Made in Italy’. The yacht is the result of collaboration between the Product Strategy Committee led by Mr. Piero Ferrari, the Ferretti Group Engineering Department. Architect Filippo Salvetti designed the exteriors, and Ideaeitalia the new interior concept.

According to her creators, the 1000 yachts reshape space and change the whole approach to life on board with new design solutions and an interior mood developed to adapt to the owner’s various needs.

Ferretti Yachts 1000 – Where performance meets Luxury

The exterior styling is based on sporty lines that dominate a profile featuring new glass side panels aft and amid-ship. Teak is used widely: in the swim platform on the stern, it is reprised on the contours of the rear door, on the walkways and on the stairway up to the fly-bridge, as well as cladding the external helm station. For the first time in the brand’s history, carbon fibre was used on various parts of the superstructure and hard top.

The sense of ‘a space to live in’ prevails. The relationship with the surrounding environment is highlighted by large full-height windows, that let natural light flood in. The freestanding furniture conveys a sense of lightness and the contours of the geometrical detailing have a unique style. Walnut wood is used throughout the yacht’s interiors: flame-coloured and bold for the furniture, striped and softer for the walls, and ribbed for special accents. The special ribbing technique is also used to enrich and embellish the marble in the service areas.

The parquet, which reprises the pale colour palette, is blended with the other materials, from the ceilings to the furniture’s back-painted glass tops, giving the setting a relaxed, smooth and elegant tone.

There was a special focus on a completely new lighting design, with round spotlights used throughout the boat because of their optimum performance and minimum size. All the technical features were designed to be hidden by architectural details. One of many examples is the new Garvan audio system, which is made up of small loudspeakers integrated seamlessly into the ceiling that deliver high quality sound.