Italian Hyper Decoration

The Matilde apartment in Reggio Emilia, in the city centre, is an exclusive space transformed by studio. The 65 square meters apartment has become an exhibition of design culture and aesthetics, following the concept of hyper decoration.

The house’s name refers to the great Lady of the Emilian Middle Ages, Matilde di Canossa. The building was constructed in 1700 and has undergone various adaptations over the centuries.
The recent intervention of studio included a drastic demolition of a load-bearing wall to realise an open space living area including a kitchen, lounge and dining room. This way, it was possible to prioritise the social space.

Designing these intense 65 square meters was a real challenge, even more than a thousand-square-meter villa. We tried to create a focus in each space around which the decor in each room revolves. It was fundamental to aim at the exaltation of the idea of beauty.

Giulia Delpiano, architect and owner of studio.

The main bedroom, with the large velvet bed, was inspired by a luxurious hotel bedroom. The bathroom is a natural environment where attention to detail is reflected in the choice of exclusive products, from Gessi taps to third-firing tiles with a particular effect of open pores.

Despite its compact dimensions, the effect is significant and prestigious. The shower area deserves special mention due to its width and its original and creative position.

All products used to furnish this treasure chest are prestigious and qualitative, from the Pivato doors to the Binova kitchen base, embellished with many variants. The used brands are high-end, and the furniture is all tailor-made and customised. The use of mirrors, crystal surfaces and distinctive lighting techniques enlightened the spaces through the play of transparency and reflections.

Throughout the project, colour played a crucial role in giving vigour and vibrancy to the walls with amazing wallpaper.

The passion for vintage of both designers has succeeded in furnishing this space with elegant objects and furnishing accessories, full of charm, giving depth to the environment of that time.