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Dining area at Kolonaki Greek Kouzina in Parkhurst

Kolonaki Greek Kouzina

Immersed in lush vegetation stands a white building, reminiscent of a Greek home on the mountains in Santorini.

On 4th avenue in Parkhurst, a popular destination for the trendiest of Johannesburg Northerners, many of whom enjoy long lunches, is Kolonaki Greek Kouzina. Ascending the white staircase at the entrance, and walking across the large open plan restaurant, one quickly finds themselves sitting in a building that contrasts greatly with its location.

Across the broad long wooden floors, white arched open-doorways decorate the front of the restaurant, further beyond on the wooden patio, guests enjoy the seclusion that the greenery offers beneath the shade and spinning fans mounted to the wooden ceiling. There is the impression of ocean waves crashing beyond the open doors, as light bathes the sun-lit space. Those who enjoy good wine, and a simple yet elegant restaurant to enjoy a good book on a Saturday afternoon, will find Kolonaki an absolute delight.

This family-owned business feels like home, and one gets a sense that the charming building may have once been a large home, now turned into an upper-class restaurant, as the design exudes a fine blend between old culture and modern lines. The Greek cuisine is delightfully served. The salmon, in particular, is accompanied by a delicious pomegranate aril and creamy guacamole. The perfect dish to go with a fine Chenin Blanc on a warm spring day, all while enjoying the tranquillity that the open design offers, in a trendy and upmarket location.

Should one wish to take a walk across the street for dessert, an array of restaurants awaits in the frivolity of Parkhurst’s abundance of plush eateries. A walk down the street would take one to an Italian-inspired restaurant, Modena, owned and managed by the same family who runs Kolonaki. In the distance, the white walls and beautiful arched windows of Kolonaki command attention, as well as the many patrons who enjoy the lightness of a bright and contemporary restaurant to enjoy the company of friends and family.

Photography: Alessandrio Bergman | syncmodels.com