La Parada has opened at the Firs

La Parada opens in Rosebank

A trendy new restaurant at The Firs in Rosebank

Following the success of this beloved restaurant in South Africa, La Parada launches a new franchise at The Firs in Rosebank. Set on the street side of the trendy space that is Rosebank, La Parada offers guests a fresh new experience with the popular restaurant chain.

Upon entering, you are greeted by soaring ceilings draped with greenery, flowing into an open-planned bar that is surrounded by glass doors. The ideal spot where one may view the passing cars while listening to good music and enjoying your favourite cocktail. La Parada’s menu comprises a wide selection of wines and champagne, a fully catered lunch and dinner menu, as well as a selection of deliciously fresh sushi.

The bustling vibe of La Parada still offers a sense of personal space, with most tables placed consciously away from each other to make guests feel less crowded in the restaurant space. The DJ booth, which has a dance floor and cocktail tables set before it, is also draped in flowing greenery from the rooftop to the walls behind it, and is settled next to the outdoor area, which is perfect for smoking a hookah while enjoying the warm African sunset.

The décor of La Parda is reminiscent of a streetside café in Paris, complete with lush greenery and trendy furniture. The restroom, worth mentioning, is delightfully decorated, spacious, and beautiful enough to gossip or take a break from colleagues in.

The launch of the restaurant comprised of a trendy Johannesburg social scene, noted DJ’s and performers, and fun activities for guests. Surrounded by an array of delightful stores with a bustling atmosphere, La Parada is certainly worth a visit – for lunch, dinner, or simply a glass of wine and sushi in the lavish fun setting of The Firs in Rosebank.

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