he colorful Audacity portrait takes center stage in the Maraca Restaurant in Santo Domingo. It represents the pride of the Dominican woman created with mosaics of the Sicis Shades collection

Maraca heats up Santo Domingo

The Pride of Dominican Women

Located in the historic part of the capital Santo Domingo, Maraca Restaurant is one of the new and hottest places in the whole of the Dominican Republic. The owner Victor Atallah combined two colonial city houses to create his dream restaurant. The artwork Audacity, representing the pride of the Dominican women, takes centre stage.

The work was entirely hand-made by the Sicis mosaic masters, applying the technique of artistic mosaic using tesserae from the Sicis Murano glass collections.

The work was the result of the collaboration with the artist Willgom, a supporter of street art and one of the most talented illustrators of Santo Domingo, and the architect Ramon Emilio Jimenez Vicens.

The art deco style facade remained practically intact while only the glass blocks were replaced by new pink ones. The art deco style façade was the source of inspiration for the interior design and paid tribute to the tropical exuberance of a Caribbean party.

All the furniture and accessories in Maraca were specially designed for these spaces. Some pieces were built, such as tables of various designs, while other interior pieces were modified to create the harmony of the colourful tropical place.

For the floor of the entire restaurant, a geometric pattern was designed with three types of marble of different colours and formats. The bases and tops of the column’s present repetitions of geometric designs in a clear reference to the Art Deco style.

Photos: Harold Lambertus