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Moving Landscapes

An exhibition showcasing the works of Mario Soares, Kay Fourie and David Forbes

In a society where those who have power – often businessmen and politicians – have an essentially short-term view of the world. It is artists who are taking the long-term view and tackling issues such as our society and our environment.

Taking the long-term view are three artists, Mario Soares, Kay Fourie and David Forbes.

I illustrate scenes from the land and city encouraging those who view my work to respect the environment.

Mario Soares

The contemplative mixture of work in this three-artist exhibition reveals significant overlapping of ideas when it comes to the environment and the landscape. Forbes, “I create images that I feel speak directly to our unique place in the world.”

Voicing concerns about the sustainability of the land and environment. Fourie, “The themes I am now exploring are issues around the landscape and where we are going in terms of ecological preservation.”

The masterful and skilled use of techniques by these three artists include etching, aquatints, photoscreen prints, linoprints and monotypes which they use to depict scenes in places across South Africa, including Gauteng and the Karoo.

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