Sustainable Frey

Natecru Sustainable Fabrics by La Maison Pierre Frey

The new Natecru Durable/Sustainable’ collection marks the starting point of a more eco-responsible approach by Pierre Frey. La Maison ‘s creative and technical teams perfected their creative process through perpetuating know-how based on principles of transparency and sustainability. The concept of Natecru was first conceived by Patrick Frey in the 1980’s and re-launched in 2017. The name Natecru is a contraction of the words ‘nature’ and ’ecru .

Strongly inspired by hand weaving and tapestry techniques, the new Natecru Durable collection embraces the authentic irregularities of the selected yarns. Available in soft and natural shades of ecru and greige, the fabrics are woven exclusively in the Pierre Frey workshops in the north of France (Living Heritage Company).

The materials are scrupulously selected with preservation of nature and local traditions in mind. Organic cotton, locally produced wools and eco-friendly cultivated linen and hemp are left in their natural hues.

Recycled wool, cashmere or polyester yarns are selected to preserve nature and reduce waste, and all threads are sourced from nearby spinning mills. Each of the fabrics in the Natecru Durable collection meets one or more ecological criteria, so that natural remains eternal.