No Woman No Cry

Designed for living within the elements through the configuration of its layers, Anna Stay is a dynamic wooden home in the shape of an open platform, enabling adjustments to its wooden exterior and glass interior to adapt to any occasion, mood, or weather condition. It was designed by Dutch designer Caspar Schols.

Schols: “The idea of Anna Stay is derived from a desire to live with nature’s elements, rather than shielding them off. It’s primarily about being outside and about creating a dynamic interaction between yourself: a cabin as your home and nature.”

“Anna’s ability to adapt and to change enables its inhabitants to follow their senses. She gives the freedom to live among an abundance of life, and cultivates a sense of belonging. You become part of everything around you, and I believe that every-one recognizes that feeling deeply from within.”

Without any architectural education, Schols began this project in 2016 after his mother asked him to design a garden house. He was looking for a concept to create a dynamic connection between man, nature, and home. He envisioned a flexible space where she could read or paint, organize family dinners, and where her grandchildren could visit and put on theatre performances. The original design has been further developed in Anna Stay, aimed at short- or long-term occupancy. The project was awarded the Architizer A+Award