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OBJEKT South Africa – Issue 42

A Symphony of Sophistication

Discover a world where refinement meets innovation with OBJEKT South Africa – Issue 42. Our latest edition is a curated symphony of sophistication that charts the best and the brightest in architecture, design, art, and interior decor from across the globe. Savour a collection that spans a triumphant 18 months of visionary creativity and unparalleled aesthetic genius.

In the pages of Issue 42, absorb the exclusive insights from the prestigious Absa L’Atelier and the celebrated Absa Cape Blend and Pinotage Rose Awards, celebrating the avant-garde of South African creativity. Glean wisdom from experts and industry connoisseurs who are defining the standards of beauty and functionality in their respective fields.

We unveil the marvels of the Maison & Objet event, drawing back the curtain to reveal trendsetting designs and inspiring narratives that resonate across continents. This special feature becomes a touchstone for those who seek the crest of global luxury and design innovation.

Prepare to be transported to the open seas with detailed explorations of the majestic Wally 150 and Bluegame yachts. These odes to nautical splendour are testimonies of craftsmanship that sail beyond the ordinary, with each wave and weave telling a story of opulence and design ingenuity.

With every turn of our elegantly crafted pages, find yourself amidst a celebration of the extraordinary—a testimony to human imagination and the relentless pursuit of perfection. OBJEKT South Africa – Issue 42 is your passage into the exclusive circles of elegance and the ultimate confluence of form and function.

Welcome to OBJEKT South Africa—where every edition is a testament to the art of living well and a herald of design’s future. Secure your copy and join us in the vanguard of those who shape the world’s aesthetics with discernment and passion.