ONE46ONM Sea Point: Redefining Luxury Urban Living in Cape Town

Elevating Human Connection: Blok’s Prestigious ONE46ONM Development in Sea Point, Cape Town

For discerning South Africans, Sea Point in Cape Town is not merely a residential area, but a beacon of connectivity. Jacques van Embden, CEO of Blok, delves into the synergy between upscale urban living and the vibrant new development, ONE46ONM. This development stands as a testament to the intersection of a cosmopolitan lifestyle and the pulsating heart of Sea Point.

Blok’s latest and 17th venture, ONE46ONM, situated at 146 Main Road, Sea Point, epitomizes the evolution of sophisticated urban living. Here, the surrounding neighbourhood doesn’t confine but enhances life. It’s about forging bonds – with the city, the community, the locale, and amongst ourselves. Starting at R1.5M, ONE46ONM introduces 63 new apartments, meticulously crafted for the ultimate urban experience in Sea Point’s core.

ONE46ONM is not just about luxury living spaces; it’s about nurturing human connections. It’s where motion and life converge, blending business, leisure, and natural beauty to form the tranquil yet dynamic Atlantic Seaboard. This unique space in the city offers a village-like atmosphere, making it more than just a residence – it’s a home.

Imagine a lifestyle where the day’s beginnings meet the vibrant nightlife of Sea Point. A place where city lights dance with the rugged coastline, and premier dining and shopping experiences are moments away. Social hotspots and communal spaces are woven into the fabric of this locale, making connected living an everyday reality.

  • Exterior of ONE46ONM showcasing its contemporary facade with geometric patterns during twilight with the streetscape of Sea Point and a paraglider in the sky.
  • Modern apartment interior at ONE46ONM featuring a sleek kitchen, dining area with set table, and a lounge opening onto a balcony with ocean views.
  • Chic studio space at ONE46ONM with contemporary decor, featuring a round dining table, comfortable seating area, and elegant kitchenette against an exposed brick wall.

“ONE46ONM is deeply intertwined with Sea Point’s essence,” states van Embden. He reflects on the communal energy that flows through Cape Town, originating from Sea Point’s vibrant culture and lifestyle. The interaction of leisure, business, and social gatherings in this area fosters a communal spirit and continuous inspiration for ONE46ONM’s future residents.

Taking a closer look at ONE46ONM, one finds a seamless integration of Sea Point’s charm with Blok’s innovative design ethos. The result is a range of apartments from Micro to Two-bedroom units, crowned with an exquisite Three-bedroom Penthouse, each reflecting a design-centric approach.

Amenities at ONE46ONM cater to a modern, luxurious lifestyle, ensuring comfort and community. Residents will enjoy space-efficient designs, state-of-the-art appliances, round-the-clock security, concierge services, commercial spaces, high-speed fibre internet, and laundry facilities. Moreover, as a pet-friendly development, Blok welcomes your beloved pets.

ONE46ONM is where local business leaders, neighbourhood figures, and residents come together, fostering a sense of community. It transforms everyday moments into extraordinary experiences.

With Blok’s last four developments nearly sold out, we anticipate that ONE46ONM, embodying the same dedication to quality and design, will follow suit. Consider making ONE46ONM in Sea Point your new home and unlock a world of unparalleled connections.

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