Divario hosts ROBOCOOP’s site-specific imaginary architecture exhibition: Quadrature

Divario space, the new sui generis art nucleus of Rome, presents a new installation and solo exhibition by the art collective ROBOCOOP, an artistic research and urban experimentation project. Quadrature radically modifies the configuration and spatial identity of Divario by inserting a double-height scenographic backdrop of Baroque inspiration.

Since 2012, through the expressive medium of the poster, the duo of street artists of Roman and Bolognese origins, RomaBolognaCooperazione (as it is known by its full name) has decorated empty spaces and forgotten walls of our cities, with suggestive and convincing architectural artworks.

Untill the 7th of November, a temporary site-specific installation on a 1:1 scale, creates a fake architecture, in Pompeian red, opens onto an imaginary landscape of Prati district and the Vatican City, giving life to a completely illusory, but plausible and effective depth.

The installation, through the reproduction of an image digitally modeled by the artists and printed on cloth, authentically evokes various architectural and pictorial references from the past such as the Sala dei Palafrenieri (1619-1621) of Pal entury BC).

The title of the exhibition Quadrature is inspired by Quadraturis — a pictorial genre born in the second half of the 16thcentury, which consisted of the creation of quadratures —  architectures painted on walls and ceilings within a rigorous perspective and illusionistic framework.

Divario — via Famagosta 33, Rome, Italy  – www.divario.space