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Sloom – Sleep Technology For The Mattress Of Your Dreams

We know the feeling – you bought your bed more than ten years ago, and you know the time has come to replace it. You start searching for the best mattress in South Africa and get bombarded with ad after ad promising a peaceful night’s sleep. Considering we sleep for a third of our lives, buying a mattress should take serious consideration. The problem? Not all mattresses are built equally and don’t cater to those who prefer different levels of firmness. Sloom founder, Rudo Kemp, created a unique mattress for this very reason. He started by selling beds in the retail industry but was frustrated by the number of different beds and their distinct (but technically the same) features. It became his mission to understand the detail and composition of each bed to design one product, meeting the expectations and needs of different clients. 

Sloom - The ultimate bed in a box solution

Adjustable Comfort  

Sloom is South Africa’s first and only comfort adjustable mattress. This one-of-a-kind innovation lets you choose between a soft, medium, firm, and extra firm place to rest ensuring you obtain the firmness you want and the sleep you deserve. The question we’re interested in is how can one mattress offer more than one comfort level? It comes down to the four different comfort layers found inside the memory foam mattress. Altering the firmness is as easy as opening the zip cover and rearranging the foam layers, with the one you prefer facing upwards. This adjustment can also be changed at a whim, giving you the option of trying out the layers until you are satisfied with your selected firmness. In fact, Rudo recommends doing this within the first 30 days of purchase.

Sloom is South Africa's first and only comfort adjustable mattress.

Split Comfort  

We know that opposites attract. Unfortunately, this most likely leads to one partner sacrificing precious sleep. Sloom’s minimalistic simplicity of the adjustable design means that you and your partner can select a different level of firmness when buying the Queen or King size mattresses in their range. They also incorporate reduced motion transfer, meaning that if you are a light sleeper, you have a better chance of getting some decent shut-eye when next to an active sleeper. Go on, split and flip each side individually to adjust the comfort level for the sleep you’ve always dreamt of.     

Sloom's unique 100 night trial assures that you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

Return Policy  

Trying out a bed once-off in a showroom is not only risky but outdated. Sloom put this concept to rest by allowing you a 100 night-trial in the comfort of your own home. Rudo suggests spending a minimum of 60 days trying out a new mattress to let your body adjust, including the 30 days to find the right firmness. If you are still not satisfied between the 60- and 100-day mark, Sloom collects your mattress and provides you with a full refund.  

Proudly South African

This premium mattress is 100% made in South Africa. Like the resilience of our country, this mattress is built to last. Sloom backs this up with a 25-year service warranty. As per Rudo “Because we use high-quality materials and the mattress is locally produced, we eliminate import costs. Selling our product directly to consumers mitigates commission-driven profits. The buying process is simplified and improved. This business model allows us to deliver a truly unique South African product, giving locals a better-quality mattress at an affordable price.” 

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