The outside patio at Sorcery Coffee Roasters

Sorcery Coffee Roasters

It’s a feeling, not a place.

Set atop a mountain drenched in sunlight, within the ruins of an ancient farm in Pretoria is Sorcery Coffee Roasters. Greeted by the sprawling setting of a building decorated with blooming bougainvillea, a master coffee roaster brews a taste to enlighten the human spirit.

The roastery is owned by Alicia Steyn, and staying true to the name, Sorcery Coffee Roasters is a magical haven for coffee lovers who enjoy sunny mornings with a view. The lower porch is a sprawling terrace overlooking the distant blue mountain ranges that stretch across the horizon, while the upper terrace features shaded pagodas. The roastery is surrounded by lush trees where one may enjoy delicious coffee and the sound of chirping birds beneath rustling golden leaves.

Speaking of craft coffee, Alicia seems to have mastered the concept of coffee roasting. In the kitchen, where a thriving atmosphere opens onto the upper terrace, bustling baristas create sumptuous coffee. On a particularly sunny Saturday morning, The Castilla Maypop was the delight of the day. Disregarding any sense of hyperbole, “The Columbian,” as it is called on the menu at the entrance, is one of the most delicious roasts one would have the pleasure of enjoying, as the hints of litchi and mango in this rich espresso subdue the tension of the mind. 

It is a rare pleasure to taste the skill and love for a craft in a single sip of coffee, and yet, here at Sorcery, while the heart is set at ease surrounded by the beauty of nature, the spirit soars at the delight of the senses. When asked the key to her success as a young business owner and craftsperson, Alicia says, “I stuck to what I was good at, and eventually it worked out.” 

A visit to Sorcery Coffee Roasters is an inspiring account of a master in her field, who has gifted society with a humbly tasteful experience. Should you wish to have a magical encounter that will certainly set the tone for a delightful weekend, visit Sorcery Coffee Roasters in Pretoria, and become enveloped in the world of a coffee connoisseur. 

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