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Tanur Collection

A reflection of all things inspiring to luxury jewellery; mirroring African light, fauna, flora and contemporary energy.

Intricately crafted fine jewellery demands exceptional craftsmanship.  Each Tanur Collection piece is mindfully created with care.  Drawing inspiration from the natural mise en scène and beauty that is Cape Town, South Africa. Designs are detailed exuding organic shape and flow.  African gold and gems are strategically espoused forming delicate expressions of innate beauty.

Elegant tangible jewels hold the memories of moments. The celebrations of special memories and occasions are made palpable with a bespoke piece of Tanur Collection jewellery to mark them.

Tanur Collection is situated in the heart of the V&A Waterfront offering a wide range of exclusive jewellery and international watch brands, a comprehensive selection of loose diamonds and tanzanite and a collection of African pieces which capture the spirit of the beautiful African continent. Official Retailer of; Blancpain, Breguet, Breitling, Longines, Omega, Rado, Tudor, and Tissot.

Tanur Collection holds the exclusivity to Breguet timepieces in Cape Town.

Abraham-Louis Breguet, a master in Swiss French craftmanship is the genius watchmaker founding Breguet in 1775. Breguet set the standard by which all fine watchmaking is adjudicated, creating each timepiece as a model of supreme horological art. Breguet developed the successful self-winding perpétuelle watches, the introduction of the gongs for repeating watches and the first shock-protection for balance pivots.

Louis XVI and his Queen, Marie-Antoinette, were the earliest enthusiasts of Breguet’s watchmaking. Each watch demonstrates the latest horological improvements in an original movement, mostly fitted with lever or ruby-cylinder escapements.

Breguet became the indispensable watchmaker to the scientific, military, financial and diplomatic elites of the age. His timepieces ruled the courts of Europe. For his most celebrated clients, Breguet designed exceptional timepieces. For Caroline Murat, queen of Naples, he conceived in 1810 the world’s very first wristwatch. Honours saluted his enormous contribution to horology. Appointed to the Board of Longitude and as chronometer-maker to the navy, he entered the Academy of Sciences and received the Legion of Honour from the hands of Louis XVIII.

To discover a world of fine jewellery and elite watch collections at Tanur Collection