De Toren Experience - wines presented in their exclusive wooden cases

The De Toren Experience

De Toren is a name much loved by all wine enthusiasts. It is a brand that has stood firmly in its beliefs, unwaveringly dedicated to creating wines of the absolute best quality and staying steadfast in the swaying moods of the forever changing, and often fickle, wine market. De Toren is a brand that leaves an indelible mark on your memory once you have been introduced to it. You feel as if you have encountered something truly special and this experience is what De Toren have now luxuriously expanded upon.

De Toren is a farm singularly focussed on creating and exploring the very best of what a South African built Bordeaux styled blend can do. From the beginnings of the farm, they identified individual areas with soils best for planting specific clones of each of the five classic Bordeaux grapes. While many other wine farms, even those in the top echelons, have a broad range of wines to choose from, De Toren’s approach & philosophy that the truth is in the vine is what shows in their offering. With only five wines in their stable, four Bordeaux styled and one in a Rhone style, the brand stands as tall as the eponymous tower in the minds of all Bordeaux lovers.

De Toren, like nearly all other top wine farms of South Africa, has a tasting room that is a magnificent place to be, and a blessing for the many who have visited and tasted the liquid perfection that the farm constantly strived for.

Just recently however, De Toren has opened a new way of tasting and experiencing their portfolio, and their incredible, human-driven passion. The newly renovated Manor House has just been completed and is now open, after much anticipation. The number five features often and for good reason. A Bordeaux blend created in France, by law, can only contain five grapes, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Malbec & Petit Verdot. This theme is seen in many aspects of the journey through the farm. In the Manor House, you will find a showcase of five uniquely South African aspects of the estate, and in that a history told through a modern lens.

The architecture, interior design and exterior landscaping were driven by a story of evolution, rather than revolution – the intention was to remain true to our heritage and roots while embracing the opportunity to refresh and reinvigorate. The same way we approached the rebranding of De Toren Private Cellar, never forgetting where we come from.

Daniel R. Mueller, CEO De Toren Holding AG

Upon entering the Manor House, already breath-taking in its modern retelling of the Cape Dutch architecture, you are greeted with an enormous, classical fireplace, verandas with a view of the Indian Ocean, and a spectacular chandelier that is guaranteed to make it onto your socials.

If one should choose to just have a normal tasting of the wines, this is of course available, and one would taste the wines that put De Toren on the map. The Premium Tasting will introduce you to the De Toren Délicate, Z and Fusion V, all in the Manor House, and this tasting can be had at any time. There are two experiences above the Premium, and they both require prior bookings. They are not your normal tastings, they are all-encompassing experiences, each an hour and a half long. The Luxury Tour will take you on a guided walk through the vineyard, cellar & barrel rooms, and you will taste the above wines as well as either the Book XVII or The Black Lion.

The pinnacle tour is the Icon Tour. Guided by one of the senior members of staff, you will explore the process of the creation of the wines, as well as a tasting of all five of the cellar’s wines including both the Book XVII and The Black Lion.

For those in mind of a corporate experience unlike any other, there are luxurious conferencing facilities, with packages tailored to whatever you might need, including tastings and even a superbly catered braai.

So, with the warmer days of summer upon us, now is the perfect time to drive out to the Stellenbosch area and indulge yourself with your ideal De Toren experience.

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De Toren Experience - wines presented in their exclusive wooden cases