High-End, Local Luxury with The Mood Collectives

High-End, Local Luxury with The Mood Collectives

Their Showroom

Founded in 2018, The Mood Collectives is a lifestyle showroom showcasing locally manufactured furniture and interior accessories. Designers Kim and Cynthia merged their home studios to create the space.

Both ladies bring years of experience in the décor and retail industry to the table, fuelled by a passion for interior design. Their goal was to create an inspiring space housing local, high-quality furniture and accessories.

The Mood Collectives embodies the mantra’ quality over quantity, pouring their energy into excellent customer service and attention to detail. These characteristics emanate throughout the showroom and from The Mood Collectives projects.

Designers Kim and Cynthia merged their home studios to create the space that is The Mood Collectives
Designers Kim and Cynthia merged their home studios to create the space.

The Mood Collectives Services

Kim and Cynthia believe that a space should captivate you and draw you into its essence. They offer services to guide you on your quest for luxury in every detail to achieve this.

Conceptual Design

The Mood Collectives brings together a central theme, focusing on the various design elements of a space. This theme is paramount to creating a room that evokes a specifically envisioned mood.

On-Site Consultation

Not even the most talented designer in the world would be able to meet their brief without physically experiencing the space. This step is critical to planning the transformation; it allows Kim and Cynthia to determine the space’s architecture, dimensions, surfaces, lighting, and overall feel.

Full Interior Service

The Mood Collectives will manage your transformation project from the initial design stage to the final touches made by their professional team. They oversee the selection, ordering, logistics and budget, ensuring you get a detailed space aligned to your vision.

In-House Framing and Art Studio

They also have recently added an in-house framing and art studio to their showroom. Here they specifically design and create any wall décor that you envision showcased in your space.

High-End, Luxurious Furniture

The Mood Collectives will assist you with the daunting task of buying new furniture for your space. They understand that there are endless choices of styles, fabrics, and colours, and this can make the task overwhelming.

The Mood Collectives base their colour palette on the ideals of minimalism. Neutral and muted tones offer a more natural and back-to-basic influence on a space, inviting a calm, peaceful and relaxed lifestyle. As an extra benefit, reduced form furniture and limited palettes eliminate waste and allow for open and airy spaces.

If you would like to take advantage of the inspiration The Mood Collectives offers, visit them at their showroom at 26 Van Zyl Street, Gants Plaza, Strand.

Or book an on-site consultation with The Mood Collectives