Unveiling the World’s Largest Residential Chandelier by One to One in Cape Town

South Africa, known globally for its exceptional design talent in architecture and interiors, proudly unveils the world’s largest residential chandelier, crafted by Cape Town’s premier experiential lighting design studio, One to One by Martin Döller. This awe-inspiring lighting piece, designed for a private residence by the internationally acclaimed architectural firm SAOTA in Lagos, Nigeria, recently made its debut to the design community at Miles Beyond in Cape Town, and is now set for installation in its permanent home.

Conceptualised by ARRCC, the award-winning interior studio, for the 8,000 square metre Lagos property, Martin Döller of One to One Studio was brought in to realise this groundbreaking lighting concept. “Designing Stemma during the global pandemic posed unique challenges, including finding inspiration and understanding our client’s vision entirely online,” shares Döller.

More than a chandelier, Stemma is a sculptural masterpiece, developed over three years. The final piece, inspired by nature’s splendour, extends over 15 metres in length, 4 metres wide, stands 6 metres tall, and weighs 1,000 kilograms. “Stemma, Latin for ‘family tree’, is a fusion of soft, natural lighting and the warmth of a family home, designed to enhance both intimate evenings and grand celebrations,” Martin elaborates.

  • A crowd gathered to witness the unveiling of a monumental chandelier, with phones capturing the historic moment in a dimly lit venue.
  • Close-up of the intricate chandelier, showcasing the harmonious interplay between light and structure, emulating a tranquil forest scene.
  • A moment of reflection as design enthusiasts and experts gather under the glow of Stemma.
  • An engaging view of the chandelier presentation event, with the chandelier’s glow highlighting the attendees and the elegant event setup.
  • "Detail shot of the chandelier's modern geometric shapes and the soft, ambient light that bathes the sophisticated interior space

Suspended from a 9-metre high glass and steel skylight, Stemma is not just an artistic statement but a technical marvel. “Our studio meticulously crafted scale models to perfect the technical aspects, innovating with materials like aluminium and unique finishes to ensure Stemma’s timeless appeal for generations,” Döller explains.

The completion of Stemma marks a significant milestone in a 15-year journey. “As a proudly South African studio, we’re excited to expand our footprint across the continent and beyond,” Martin concludes. With ongoing projects like the illustrious Delaire Graaff estate and several upcoming international ventures, One to One continues to redefine the boundaries of experiential lighting.